Answers to the most common questions about our photo booth

  1. What does a photo booth rental include?

  2. It includes the delivery and setup of the photo booth, an attendant to run the booth, prints on the spot, props, and a digital copy of all the prints. You can also include a logo or a caption on all your prints.

  3. Is the booth like the traditional one you go inside?

  4. It is an “open concept” photo booth. Like a portrait studio. It uses a fabric backdrop on a stand. We use this style because more people can fit in a picture, and the setup is more flxible – allowing us to set up in virtually any space.

  5. How long does it take for a guest to go through the photo booth?

  6. It takes approximately one to two minutes.

  7. What space is required for the booth?

  8. The ideal space is 10' x 8', however we can work under smaller space restrictions.

  9. What size are the prints?

  10. They are 4” x 6” colour prints. We can do traditional 2" x 6" "strip" format as well

  11. How long does it take to setup and does this go against my purchased time?

  12. It takes about 30 mins to set up and take down and this does not go against your time.

  13. What do we need to provide?

  14. We need you to provide us a space close to a power outlet (within 10 feet) and a rectangular 6 ft table. Please do not put us next to a speaker or DJ booth =)

  15. What props do you provide?

  16. We have ton of great wearable props such as sunglasses, hats, and hand held props like Emoji's! Also some funny prop signs for you to get creative with. Enough for the entire group and for all ages You may provide your own if you like.

  17. Do you allow your booth outside?

  18. Will allow it under certain circumstances. Please contact us to discus further. Some elements of the booth may not be provided (like the backdrop because it may blow away). At the first chance of rain the booth will have to close.

  19. What colour is your backdrop and do we have a choice?

  20. We have a great selection of backdrops from the basic solid colours up to metallic sequin for more elegant events.

  21. Can we provide our own backdrop?

  22. Yes you can. You must have it set up upon our arrival. The recommended size for a backdrop is 10 ft wide by 8 to 9 ft tall.

  23. Do you have a Green Screen option?

  24. Yes we can do Green screen which allows you to use any image for the backdrop. It's great for theme events.

  25. Do you do custom backdrops?

  26. We do not offer custom backdrops

  27. What is an idle hour and how much are they?

  28. An idle hour is basically a break for the booth. This allows you to split up your shooting time, or pause the booth for say an entrance, speeches, games, or other activies you want your guests focused on.

  29. What can I put in my caption?

  30. You can put anything you like. For example “Happy Birthday John!”, “Main Street High School Grad, 2018”, “Mike and Jan, September 1st, 2018”.
    You can combine a logo or graphics with text as well. You can put more if you like, but space is limited on the prints.

  31. What do I need to do to send you a logo, or image?

  32. You can send it in to info@funphoto.ca. It can be virtually any image file (JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF etc). The best quality file is always the better choice for graphics if available.

  33. How many people can fit in the booth?

  34. You are only limited to the number of people you can squeeze in front of the camera. This product has no walls, therefore the group shots are easily done and the photo booth is also wheelchair accessible, check out some of our samples.

couple celebrating at a wedding in front of a white backdrop 2 girls posing like bunnies at a birthday party in front of a white backdrop 2 young girls posing in front of a white backdrop couple with a child posing with a picture frame at a wedding


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