RETAINERS: All retainers are non refundable as we are holding this date for the photographer and service that you have selected.

BALANCE PAYMENT: Balance is due on the event date.

Payments can be made by:

- eTransfer (send on event date or next day)
- Cash (collected on the event date)
- Company cheque (collected at the event)

Late payments will be billed at $100/month.
If you need another arragement please notify us by email.

TEMPLATE for PRINTS: Artwork must be finalized 2 days before the event date.

DATE CHANGES: Any request for a date change must be made in writing at least 60 days in advance of the original event date. Change is subject to photo booth availability and receipt of a new Rental Agreement. If there is no availability for the alternate date, the deposit shall be forfeited and event cancelled.

VENUE LOCATION CHANGES: Any request for a venue location change must be made in writing at least 60 days in advance of the original event date.


Notice of Cancellation:

The Client agrees to notify the Provider in writing of their intent to cancel the booked services at least 60 days before the scheduled event. The notice should be sent via email.

Cancellation Fees:

In the event of a cancellation, the following fees will apply:
- If the Client cancels more than 60 days before the event, the Photographer will retain the non-refundable retainer.
- If the Client cancels less than 60 days, but with more than 14 days before the event, the Client will be required to pay 50% of the total contracted fee.
- If the Client cancels, for any reason, with 14 days or less before the event date they are responsible for 100% of the balance of the contract.

ACCESS, SPACE & POWER for PHOTO BOOTH: The Client shall provide FunPhoto with a safe and appropriate working conditions and a solid floor.

The Client will arrange an appropriate:

- 8′ x 8′ or larger space.
- A 6ft long table for the Photo Booth at the event's venue.
- 1 standard electrical outlet within 10ft of the booth for the Photo booth.
- Is not situated next to or near any DJ music speakers.
- A minimum of 7.5′ of ceiling clearance.
- Table linen if you want to match the decor of the event.

Any delay in the performance or damage to the photo booth equipment due to improper power is the responsibility of the client.

MODEL RELEASE: Client agrees to, and understands that all guests using the photo booth or other equipment hereby give to Provider the right and permission to copyright and use, photographic portraits or pictures of any photo booth user who may be included intact or in part, made through any and all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose. In addition I, hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless Provider, from any liability, that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including without limitation any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

DAMAGE TO PROVIDER'S EQUIPMENT & REFUSAL: The Client acknowledges that it shall be responsible for any damage or loss to the Provider's Equipment caused by: a) Any misuse of the Provider's Equipment by the Client or its guests (invited or uninvited) or b) Any theft or disaster (including but not limited to fire, flood or earthquake). The Client acknowledges the Provider shall have the right to decline service to client's guest (invited or uninvited), for misuse, or unruly behavior. If the Provider judges the weather during the course of the Event to be inclement and thus unsafe, they reserve the right to cease operations for the safety of the equipment and of the Event’s attendees, in which case no refund will be given.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: The Provider reserves the right, in good faith, to cease the operation should the weather pose a potential danger to our personnel, the equipment, or guests. Since safety is paramount in all decisions, the Providers compensation will not be affected if operation is ended.

OVERAGE: Any overage in time will be billed at the rate of $120 per 1/2 hour. Payment for any overage in time must be paid before additional hours will be provided. If the Event ends earlier than expected, no refund will be given.

ONLINE GALLERY: A gallery of all your photos will be available after the event finishes, and final balance has been received. The gallery will be available within a 2 week period, but generally sooner if your event is on the weekend, the gallery should be available the Monday or Tuesday. The gallery does not have a time limit or expiry date. You are free to share with anyone you would like to have access.

INDEMNIFICATION: Client agrees to, and understands the following: a) Client will indemnify provider against any and all liability related to Client's Event during or after Client's event. Client will indemnify Provider from the time of service and on into the future, against any liability associated with Client. b) Client will indemnify Provider against any and all liability associated with the use of pictures taken within the Photo Booth its representatives, employees or affiliates at Client's event.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations and understandings, whether written or oral.

All disputes arising under this agreement shall be resolved through mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful, the dispute will be submitted to binding arbitration.


  1. Privacy Statement

  2. When you visit FunPhoto.ca websites, you do so anonymously. If you direct an inquiry for our services, we will ask you to provide your personal contact information, and venue information only for the purpose of responding to your inquiry. Only those who "need to know"
    will have access to the personal information provided. We will not share or distribute your information for marketing, sales, or for any other purposes.


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